SimpleRegionMarket is the most comprehensive Region Market plugin available. It allows users to buy/sell, rent, lease, and auction WorldGuard regions. Putting your pre-configured WorldGuard regions on the market is as simple as creating a sign. Players can simply click on a sign and are automatically granted WorldGuard region owner or member status. Financial transactions are managed through the Vault enabled economy plugin of your choice.


  • You must install Vault, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard
  • Place the JAR file in your plugins folder
  • Set permissions
  • Restart your server
  • Check for a clean start
  • Adjust automatically generated configuration files as needed
  • Reload SRM config files with /srm reload
  • Enjoy the best region market plugin available!

Note about Minecraft Updates

Since 1.4.5-R1.0 plugins that access CraftBukkit internals might break by default with new Minecraft updates. Make sure that the version of SRM you install is compatible with the version of CrafBukkit you use. Never do updates in a production environment. Test all updates in a development server before you go live with your updates!


SimpleRegionMarket thrives on community contribution. If you are a capable java coder and would like to contribute to the project, you are encouraged to head over to GitHub and fork the project. Submit your Pull Requests to make SimpleRegionMarket even better!

SimpleRegionMarket on GitHub Fork SimpleRegionMarket

Thanks and Credits

We would like to thank all of the users for making SimpleRegionMarket the most popular Region Market plugin for WorldGuard with over 150,000 Downloads! Your continued support and assistance in development of the plugin inspires us to continue.